Veronica Erotica: Erotic Sonnet #No 5 –

The Myth of Venus and Mars.  Well darlings, so glad you stopped by. I want you to meet one of my girls, Kiki. She loves to dance just as much as I do. Kick back, relax and watch Kiki's beautiful body for your entertainment as you listen to me recite my new Veronica Erotica: Erotic … Continue reading Veronica Erotica: Erotic Sonnet #No 5 –

Sakura – An Erotic Poem for Spring

Amorous your eyes gaze the plum blossoms The cherry blossoms my life’s arrival This moment once in bud don’t wait make love Elegant spring pink petals so fresh sweet flesh Cultivated clouds my blooming en masse Transient feast of discovery cheerful Recovery tracking my warm weather Heat soon will rise in nocturnal disguise And scatter … Continue reading Sakura – An Erotic Poem for Spring

Erotic Tango Tanka Poem No. 1

I can still remember the cafeteriías and milongas. I danced to all night long in my high heels, fishnet stockings and ruffled black dresses. We drank the best wines from Mendoza. I remember all the men who wanted to dance with me. But really I remember the women.... I really enjoyed the women the best. How I remember that night with Marcella....Enjoy.