Erotic Tango Tanka Poem No. 1

Don’t you just love to dance? My Handler sent me to Buenos Aires to learn this sultry dance called the tango, which originally was about a pimp and her prostitute. I wrote this Erotic Tango Tanka poem while I was there.  I can still remember the cafeteriías and milongas. I danced to all night long in my high heels, fishnet stockings and ruffled black dresses. We drank the best wines from Mendoza. I remember all the men who wanted to dance with me. But really I remember the women…. I really enjoyed the women the best. How I remember that night with Marcella….Enjoy.



Erotic Tango Tanka Poem No. 1 by Veronica Love Erotica

Don’t forget to shop till you drop, baby!



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