One Day in Japan, Beauty

Veronica Love EroticaA poem by Veronica Love
based on various waka lines by Izumi Shikibu (?976-?)


There’s no equal to
Would I want to meet

Is impossible to forget
He is in your dreams

Whisper, ‘Like that! Like that!’
Would I meet with you

Whisper, ‘Like that! Like that!’
No one at all sees

This house with cherries
Planted, so even deeper

The blossoms, must
Have made me seedy!

And the dawn has come, I see
Did he come, it seems!

With no hesitation
But in my heart at least

To where are you coming so secretly?
You may place your trust

That you, my destination
The one whom I await


Copyright 2017, Veronica Love, All Rights Reserved

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